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Best Japanese Relaxer Dallas -Before starting the process though, you’re invited to have a consultation where you’ll learn all about the product and what you can expect. I found the most impressive part of the meeting was the “after” pictures they showed me of their clients. The hair looked amazing, but it was really the satisfied expressions of the clients that convinced me to go ahead. I had never opted, in all my years of sleeking back and pony tailing, to have my hair straightening because I was convinced it would be ruined for good. But this time I thought things were going to be different.

The Japanese Straightening took five hours – with chemical smells low – and excitement high! The team was meticulous and they processed small sections of hair at a time. The stylists took detailed notes on the health and color or my mane for future maintenance. And since Japanese hair straightening never loses its straightness, you simply return for two or three touchups a year.

After the process, I was so excited that I cut my hair to my chin, fulfilling my lifelong dream of an “Isabella Rosellini” like hairdo. After washing my hair and realizing this was no longer a fantasy, I started wondering what the heck was in this stuff: The Japanese Straightening System AKA Thermal Reconditioning loosens the hair’s cystine protein bonds, reshapes the bonds by straightening the hair cells with the use of a heat iron then makes it permanent using a bromide neutralizer. This is the basis for the The Japanese Straightening System.

To test the claim of hair becoming humidity proof, I journeyed to the humid Santa Monica Pier. Walking through, I eyed a mirror on the side of the carousel. Well, I had to sneak a peek, and lo and behold – I was Isabella like! My hair anyway! It was straighter than anyone on the pier! The Japanese System Hair Straightening is serious hair processing with results that are no laughing matter. … On the practical side, I no longer scare the FedEx driver when I answer the door in the morning, and this new beauty process has cut down my making up time by 75% – resulting in an increase of my making out time by 25%! I’m sure it’s the hair!!!

My new straight hair gives me added confidence (and gets me extra compliments). Now I can focus on color over cut. I have the time for lining my eyes extra well, for cleaning my brushes first – and even having that third cup of coffee!

This unique service can take anywhere from three-and-a-half to six hours and costs upwards of $500. After washing and drying hair, a Japanese essential oil/aloe straightening serum is applied to small sections of hair at a time, then left to soak in. Following more washing and drying, baby irons are used to flatten hair almost strand by strand. Next comes a neutralizing solution and, yes, another wash and dry. With this treatment, even curly or coarse hair is not only straight and frizz-free for months, but actually healthier and softer, boasting more shine and gloss. Clients can still curl and style, but most are happy to wake up everyday with a blow-out-straight ‘do. And many swear they pinch pennies all year for the pleasure.

Japanese Hair Straightening History

The first question that is asked when the clients hear about Japanese Hair Straightening aka Thermal Reconditioning ( which is like saying Champagne aka sparkling wine ) is “Why do the Japanese need a relaxer? They already have straight hair!” Contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of the Japanese population has wavy or kinky curl to their hair.

RUSK STR8 “Thermal Reconditioning”

Activator Solution Difference Same thio based activator. However, it does not contain any heat protecting ingredient. So it is likely that hair sustains damage during the ironing procedure.

LISCIO “The First Japanese Straightening System”

To respond to the desire of clients to have straight hair, Milbon introduced Liscio in Japan on 1996. Unlike existing relaxers with active ingredients based on Hydroxide and lye, thio-based Liscio is more gentle for the hair thereby straightening the hair while leaving it in wonderful condition. Milbon was the first manufacturer to receive Japanese governmental approval for its unique thermal reconditioning system. Liscio contains a specially formulated solution and iron, which protects and repairs hair from heat damage.In 1998 Shinbi International brought Liscio to the US and has developed the product and procedure even further to enable the process to be performed on just about any client that walks through the salon door. With added protein treatments and supporting products for the thermal reconditioning procedure, it is not uncommon to hear clients proclaim that their hair condition actually has improved after the procedure.

YUKO SYSTEM “Japanese Straightening”No Protection Cream System – Yuko System doesn’t have protection cream system so highlighted hair or hair that’s been previously relaxed cannot be processed.
RUSK STR8 “Thermal Reconditioning”Activator Solution Difference Same thio based activator. However, it does not contain any heat protecting ingredient. So it is likely that hair sustains damage during the ironing procedure.

Iron Difference- Unlike Liscio, which has customized thermal iron for thermal reconditioning with different features, Rusk Iron doesn’t include these features. Most importantly, its lack of temperature control doesn’t allow for processing various hair in different conditions that can lead to burnt hair.Furthermore, the iron lacks an evenly heated plate, which lessens the effect of the ironing procedure.

No Protection Cream System – Like the Yuko System, Rusk doesn’t have a protection cream system. As a result, the same limitation in processing the hair from Yuko system applies to Rusk.Procedures such as I- straight and Paul Brown are similar to Rusk in its active ingredients and supporting products. In comparing results and solution content, its comparable to the Liscio straight variation system.

However, the Liscio system is still superior to these systems in a lot of ways due to its versatility of use and restoring formula.BIO IONIC “Thermal Reconditioning”Activator Solution Difference the main active ingredient is not thio.

Iron Difference Uneven heating plate on its irons can cause damage to the fragile hair during the thermal reconditioning.Additional Maintenance Bio-Ionic clients are required to purchase a special brush and blow dry to maintain its straight hair while other systems do not require such purchase.

Have you felt that you would look prettier with your hair straight? You are not alone. Millions of women each year undergo one of several procedures available these days to make their hair straight. The most recent and advanced method of permanent hair straightening is known as Japanese hair straightening (also called thermal conditioning). This system was brought to the U.S. from Japan in 1998. It’s kinder to the hair than the old treatments which used hydroxides and lye. (Related: Hair problems)How do I know if hair straightening will work for me?According to the staff look for a hairstylist who is specifically trained to work with hair straightening. He or she will be able to assess your hair and give you a recommendation. Not all hair types are ideal for traditional straightening, but the new Japanese hair treatment will work well on almost everybody’s hair. The first step is to do a strand test of your hair. This will determine the best strength of the relaxer to be used. Your stylist will also examine your hair’s texture, elasticity, and porosity, and will assess any damage present.

The Japanese Straight perms uses new products and special irons to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy hair. For the best results, the new technology and techniques require an experienced professional. This process is known as Thermal Reconditioning. The Japanese Straight Perm uses new products and special iron to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy hair.Chemical relaxers unfortunately do not straighten hair very well, and they use chemical ingredients that leave the hair brittle, dry, and unhealthy. The Japanese Straight Perm gives you soft, silky, shiny, straight hair. And, you hair will be healthier!

Only the roots will need the Japanese Straight Perm treatment, while the ends will not. The ends will receive a “protection” coating, to avoid unnecessary contact with the perm solution. Also, the end will get a special conditioning treatment.Yes, you can color and highlight your hair after the treatment. One important consideration, though that some color and highlight processes can damage your hair more than you might expect. To keep your hair healthy, use gentler products, and consider getting only a few highlights, on the top, rather than all over.

Generally, you can expect to let your hair air dry, with great results.Blow drying, brushing, and using a flat iron on a regular basis are all damaging to your hair. After have a properly performed Japanese Straight Perm, you won’t need to use these strong methods to style your hair the way you like. This way, over time, and given the proper care, your hair is likely to get healthier. Remember also that starting with healthy hair makes a tremendous difference. Expect that your hair will be as healthy after the process as when you first come to the salon. This process is not meant to repair damaged hair.

Of course, any chemical treatment will have an effect on your hair. This is why it’s very important to only consider using the best-quality products, in the right mix, with the most up-to-date technique and procedures. To be sure you only receive the best possible treatment.The Japanese Straight Perm is one of the most difficult procedure to do. Experience is the most important for the specialist.


" I tried this salon out a few months ago and had a great experience. I would recommend Anna as the best stylist at this salon. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and makes my hair looking gorgeous every time! Thanks Capelli!! "

Carla P. To Anna


Younes is awesome! I was particularly nervous about what he could do with my hair after a major illness and the treatment. His expertise and compassion was so appreciated. He is very skilled — in coloring, cut and hair extension. I’m his customer as long as I live here — and I’m not going anywhere!.

Megan F. To Younes


Wonderful and welcoming salon. Classy and up to date. From the Latte to my cut! Perfect. Tianna is wonderful! She spent time listening to my wishes and was very thoughtful regarding my physical limitations. I WILL be back. Tianna’s assistant, Risa, gives the best scalp and neck massage! Tianna and Risa ROCK!.


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