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Best Hair Extensions Dallas | Capelli Salon: Unleash Your Inner Rapunzel

Best hair extensions dallas

Dreaming of luscious locks that turn heads? Look no further than Dallas’ premier hair extension destination, Capelli Salon! Forget the struggle of slow-growing strands, split ends, or fine hair. We unlock the secrets to voluminous, healthy-looking hair with expert hair extension services tailored to your unique needs.

Dallas, a city dripping with style and sophistication, understands the transformative power of a good hair day. And for those seeking extra length, volume, or simply a confidence boost, hair extensions offer a tempting solution. But navigating the world of salons, methods, and hair types can be a tangled mess. Worry not, adventurous tresses! This expanded guide will help you find the crown jewel of your Dallas hair extension experience.

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their natural hair with added length, volume, and style. In a bustling city like Dallas, where beauty standards are high, finding the right salon for premium hair extensions is crucial.


Great Lengths hair is also double-drawn. This is a laborious manual process the hair goes through to remove all the unwanted short hair. Great Lengths perform this process twice- hence the term “Double Drawn” which ensures that the volume and thickness of the Great Lengths human hair extensions strand is consistent all throughout its length. These important processes are only a small part of what Great Lengths does to safeguard its legendary quality. Great Lengths ensures that you receive the best hair extensions in Dallas, that look and behave exactly like your own hair; completely natural. View our hair-extensions photo gallery of “Before and After” models, below.


Best hair extension in dallas


There are 2 Main Categories of service for hair extensions Dallas. There are removable and semi-permanent. The difference between the two is one, you can take off when you get home and the other you need a professional to install them and move them up every few months!

The removable ones are clip ins and the newest trend of halo extensions and can be bought through your stylist, but do not need any installation. With these types it is recommended that your stylist cut them accordingly to your hair for a natural looking blend. Below are descriptions of semi-permanent extensions.

Best hair extension in dallas
Best hair extension in dallas
Best hair extension in dallas


Considering hair extensions and you’ve heard or read about something called hand tied hair extensions? Not quite sure what hand tied extensions are or if they are for you? Then you’re in the right place. I created this guide to help those who are considering hair extensions or hand tied extensions. In this post, I’ll cover what hand tied extensions are, how they are installed, and recommendations for choosing high-quality extensions, along with the benefits of hand tied extensions versus other methods. I’ll also answer several frequently asked questions about hand tied extensions so that you have a complete understanding of hand tied hair extensions.

Why Choose Capelli Salon for Your Hair Extensions Journey?

  • Expertise: Our team boasts extensive experience and certifications in various hair extension techniques, ensuring seamless integration and natural-looking results.
  • Customized Solutions: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We consult with you in-depth, analyzing your hair type, desired length and volume, and lifestyle to recommend the perfect extension method and hair quality.
  • Unwavering Quality: We partner with reputable brands known for premium, ethically sourced hair, ensuring long-lasting wear and a luxurious feel.
  • Comprehensive Services: From consultation and installation to maintenance and removal, we handle the entire journey, offering unparalleled support and guidance throughout.
  • Client Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your happiness is our priority. We offer complimentary consultations and transparent pricing, ensuring you feel confident and informed every step of the way.
hair extensions dallas


Tape Ins come in wefts about 1-2″ long with surgical (super strong) tape along the top. Let the best stylist Hair Extensions in Fort Collins do it. He will remove the protective covering on the strip and after proper sectioning, will press the tape directly to the hair as close to the scalp as possible while still lying flat against the head. Then another hair extension weft is placed underneath the first hair weft, sandwiching the client’s hair in between the two wefts. These extensions will be installed row by row working up the head toward the top and sides. After Installation, the bonds will lie completely flat against the head and are covered by the upper layers of hair, making the attachment points undetectable and smooth.Tape-In hair can last for months, for more detailed on how long they last it is important to ask your stylist as each brand will have a different recommendation. With Tape-In extensions, your hair will grow normal which causes the weft and hair extension to move further and further away from the scalp. That’s why it’s important to go in for touch ups every few weeks so your stylist can adjust the wefts by moving them closer to the scalp.Removing Tape-In extensions is easy with Tape-In Bond Remover. This oil-based solution helps break down the adhesive so the bonds loosen. After the solution has been applied for a few seconds, you can gently slide the Tape-Ins out of the hair.

hair extensions dallas


Fusion Method Extensions come in small strands. Each of these strands has a small, flat, square-shaped tip that holds all the individual hairs together. This means you will have a lot of small pieces of hair all over.The hair extension tip is a square-shaped keratin bond. This tip is solid until melted with the Hair Extension Tool at the best hair extensions in Lakeway. The stylist takes a small section of hair that is equal to the hair extension strand and places the bond over the section much like the i link method, but instead of beading it, it is melted directly onto your hair. When it dries once again, the bond is very strong. Much like a glue.These small bonds are attached strand by strand, row by row, which can be time consuming. Once installed, the bonds will lie flat against the head and, of course are covered by the upper layers of hair.


Also known as “I-Link” or “Micro Link”These extensions are applied strand by strand to your hair with a specific tool to attach each hair extension to your natural hair. The links are very small and are covered by the upper layers of hair. This method is a bit more time consuming than the Tape In method, however the beads take longer to be seen and you can go a little longer between each maintenance.They are removed by a different tool which opens the clamp and releases your hair from the extension at the Dallas Hair Extensions Salon, Dallas TX.

best hair color Babylights / hair extensions dallas
best hair color Babylights

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Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer numerous benefits to individuals seeking to transform their appearance. Firstly, they provide instant length and volume, catering to those desiring thicker, fuller hair. Additionally, hair extensions offer versatility in hairstyles, allowing for experimentation with different looks without the commitment of permanent changes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

Before diving into the world of hair extensions, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure a satisfactory outcome. These include the quality of hair used in extensions, the attachment method employed, and the importance of matching hair texture and color seamlessly.


Best hair extension in dallas


  1. Are hair extensions suitable for all hair types?
    • Hair extensions can be customized to suit various hair types, from fine to thick, curly to straight.
  2. How long do hair extensions last?
    • The lifespan of hair extensions varies depending on the type of extensions and how well they are maintained. Generally, they can last anywhere from a few months to a year or more with proper care.
  3. Can I style my hair as usual with extensions?
    • Yes, hair extensions can be styled just like natural hair. However, it’s essential to use heat protectants and avoid excessive heat to preserve the integrity of the extensions.
  4. Are hair extensions easy to maintain?
    • With proper care and maintenance, hair extensions can be relatively easy to manage. Regular brushing, gentle washing, and avoiding harsh chemicals are key to prolonging their lifespan.
  5. Are hair extensions damaging to natural hair?
    • When applied correctly and maintained properly, hair extensions should not cause damage to natural hair. It’s essential to follow proper application and removal techniques to minimize any potential risks.


Best hair extension in dallas

Top Hair Extension Salons in Dallas

In Dallas, several salons stand out for their exceptional hair extension services, each offering unique advantages to clients seeking premium results.

Capelli Salon: Your Destination for Premium Hair Extensions

Capelli Salon is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality hair extension services. With a diverse range of extension options and professional consultation services, Luxe Salon ensures that clients receive tailored solutions for their hair needs.

Extensions by Rosalba: Tailored Solutions for Your Hair

Extensions by Rosalba specializes in crafting customized hair extensions to match clients’ specific preferences and requirements. With a focus on customization expertise and personalized service, clients can expect outstanding results and positive experiences.

The Beauty Box Salon: Where Hair Dreams Come True

The Beauty Box Salon excels in delivering excellence in hair extension services. With skilled stylists and diverse extension techniques, clients are guaranteed to leave the salon feeling confident and satisfied with their new look.

The Lash Loft: Elevating Your Hair Game

The Lash Loft is a trusted name in the industry, offering specialized hair extension services that cater to the latest trends and styles. With a reputation for excellence and community recognition, The Lash Loft is a top choice for hair extensions in Dallas.

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