Capelli Hair Salon Dallas

Best hair extensions in Dallas Texas

Best hair extensions in Dallas Texas

Capelli Hair Salon focuses on providing a natural hair look with seamless process; our top priority is customer satisfaction. At Capelli, we offer a range of hair extensions to suit any budget. We emphasize an organic appearance by avoiding the use of color or bleach on the extensions. All of our extensions are customized and attached to match the customer’s physical features. We offer two types of hair extensions: removable and semi-permanent. The removable extensions can be taken off at home, while the duration of the semi-permanent extensions varies according to the customer’s preference.

This is one of the most applicable Hair extension methods in Capelli hair salon. Here we use surgical tape on the scalp and hairs are divided into sections. Wefts are used to create sections and one weft is installed after another. A special bond is used to make the attachment parts undetectable. These Tapes can last for months and are removable easily.

  • The length and volume of hair can be increased easily.
  • Tape in-hair extension method does not damage the natural hairs.
  • In this method, the hair can be styled with a natural look.
  • Tape can be reused many times.

This method of hair extension uses keratin bonds to attach individual strands. In this technique, we apply strands instead of using wefts. Generally, these strands are knotted with the natural hair. This method is durable. The strands are squared, and the bond is used to divide them and make the sections hidden.

  • This hair extension is relatively long-lasting.
  • Fusion hair extension offers a natural look because extension id fixed on scalp.
  • More beneficial for the thick hair personalities.
  • In this method Capelli offers a variety of style.

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